Fort Lauderdale Wildlife and Animal Removal

Bird Net Installation

Bird netting is a way of protecting both your Fort Lauderdale home and garden. Usually found in 2 rolls that can be cut to size with no problem. The sizes of the rolls are 14 x100 feet and 14x 200 feet. Typically you will find 3 sizes of mesh netting. The sizes are based on the size of the birds you wish to keep out. Mesh will come in ¼, ½ and ¾. This will handle Florida pigeons, starlings, sparrows and whatever else you wish to exclude from your garden.

You will find that the best plastic netting comes in colors that will blend in with your home, trees, and garden. It is constructed of Polypropylene that is UV protected. There is several different ways in which you can use the plastic netting. This is dependent on the location and the nuisance of the Fort Lauderdale birds. This will also save you money by not calling in a professional. Eave nesting birds – you will drape the plastic netting at a 45-degree angle. Be sure to have it over the eaves and over the side of your house. Then you will use either a ¼ or ½ size of mesh to block out most eaves living Florida birds. Your netting can be installed with tape, a staple gun or the use of hooks. Keep in mind that the plastic and mesh must be taut to prevent the birds from squeezing in.

The protection of your smaller fruit and nut tree – This process is a little more demanding of you. You will use the mesh completely around the tree as long is no higher than 8 ft. tall. At the bottom tie the netting to prevent the Fort Lauderdale birds from being entangled in the netting. After measuring the circumference use the plastic up to the branches in order to keep the Florida birds from sitting on them. Secure the netting with zip ties, twining or hog rings. Be sure you have your tools.

Berries, vegetable and vines – In order to protect these gardens you will suspend the plastic 6 inches above the garden, berries, vegetable garden and vines. The plastic is a prevention from keeping the Fort Lauderdale birds from sitting on the mesh and eating. Vegetable gardens however must be individually wrapped the vegetables or group of vegetables. Using the plastic netting does this. Again this is in order to keep the Florida birds from sitting and eating your gardens

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