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Welcome to Pest Animal Fort Lauderdale! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Fort Lauderdale, FL. We operate a professional organization servicing most of Southeast FL. With several service trucks of highly trained wildlife technicians, we are uniquely equipped to provide fast service for your wildlife problems. We proivde a full range of professional services, from top-notch building repairs to keep critters out of your home, to preventative services, attic cleanup, insulation replacement, and odor control. We handle the common Florida nuisance species such as raccoons, opossums, and snakes, but we also specialize in rat control, as well as bat removal from buildings, and bird control services. Call us now at 954-703-5683 for your Fort Lauderdale wildlife control needs.

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Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

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Experts in Florida bat removal from buildings.

Fort Lauderdale raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service much of Southeast Florida, and are based in Ft. Lauderdale. We service all of Broward County, and surrounding towns such as Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Miramar, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Davie, Plantation, Sunrise, Deerfield Beach, Lauderhill, Weston, Tamarac, Margate, Coconut Creek, Oakland Park, North Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, Dania Beach, Cooper City, and more.

Fort Lauderdale Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

How to Get Rid of Raccoons
Fort Lauderdale raccoons are mammals viciously known for both their intelligence and aggressiveness. Beyond any doubt, if a raccoon sets its eyes on your property, you are going to be at war. Coons might target human homes, farms, fields, and buildings for various reasons. However, the first and most probable reason you are having to deal with a Fort Lauderdale raccoon is food. Not only that raccoon are intelligent and also capable of attacking in a very aggressive way, they are also equipped with sharp weapons to help them have their way. These include sharp claws, strong jaws with long and sharp K9’s, which, combined with coon’s naturally sharp senses of smell, taste, and hearing certainly make them one of the hardest pests to handle. Swift, efficient and skillful at hiding, coons are most likely to take patient efforts until they manage to get inside your estate. But, how are you going to out-smart a raccoon?

The main reason why you should probably take the Fort Lauderdale raccoon infestation pretty seriously is the amount of damage this animal can cost. All jokes about the coon’s criminal-like appearance aside, these animals bring various types of threats, including financial, safety and health. While breaking into your estate, the coon will, with much easy, chew, claw and tear apart anything that comes in its way. It might be your fence, walls, vents, floors, or even smaller Florida farm animals, plants, and crops. Not only that a coon might leave a substantial amount of financial damage behind, but it is also a safety threat. As a wild animal, it will certainly act aggressively if startled or cornered. It might hurt your pet, as well as you and your family. If you ever get into physical contact with this animal, you are not only risking to get scratched or bitten. Raccoons carry various types of infections and viruses, rabies being just one of them. One way or another, there is a plethora of reasons as to why you want to keep the Fort Lauderdale coons away.

Areas which are vulnerable to raccoon attacks are various. If we start from the basic fact that raccoons attack human residences in search for food and shelter. You can imagine that your house is not the only place the animal might attack. Gardens and fields are also sensitive to raccoon attacks. Florida raccoons often raid cornfields and gardens with vegetable crops. Once coons gain access to your agricultural land, they will be hard to get rid of. Not only that they are exceptionally skillful in hiding and sneaking, but they are also most active during the night, which will make it a lot harder for you to spot them. If a raccoon gains access to your barn, it will most certainly attack and kill smaller farm animals. Those that remain, sadly, will be suspected to have caught some kind of disease for a long time following. This is, overall, an unfortunate situation you should try to avoid. You can only do that if you know the ways to keep the coons away. Repairs are the crucial step to keeping any pest away, with Florida raccoons not being an exception. You want to make your estate impenetrable for a wild Fort Lauderdale animal of any kind. This means, that you are going to have to strengthen the structure of your estate so that the animal can’t find its way in. on of the first step towards doing that is fencing. By installing a sturdy, dense, tall and deeply dug-in fence around your estate, you will definitely keep the raccoons away for a long time. You should also check your fence for any signs of damage or decay to be able to repair it properly. Other than that, you also want to strengthen your house. You should inspect your walls, door and window frames, as well as the basement, shed and the attack for any cracks or holes. The animal might use any of these spots to gain entry into your state. You want to repair any damage you find in the structure and the construction of your home, to keep the Fort Lauderdale raccoons out.

Sadly, repairs and fencing are not equally available to anyone and for any place. With many farmers managing astonishing square-footage in acres of agricultural land, fencing is not equally accessible to everyone. Also, catching a Fort Lauderdale raccoon that has been eating your crops is, in these circumstances, close to impossible. For these reasons many farms decide to scare the animal away, using scarecrows, pets, and light and ultrasound installation, all of these in efforts to repel the Florida animal. Using one of these methods is something you definitely want to try, as it is proven to work in many cases.

Trapping is yet another way for you to go. You can trap Fort Lauderdale raccoons using different types of traps. While some prefer death traps, other feels like cage traps are a more appropriate way to go. The majority of experts advise that there is no need to cause the animal unnecessary pain, which is why they recommend using cage traps and checking them regularly so that the animal wouldn’t suffer inside it. Finally, you can attempt to exclude the animal from your home. You will do this by sealing all possible exits in your home, but one. Once the Florida animal uses this exit to get out of your home, you will seal your home completely.