Fort Lauderdale Wildlife and Animal Removal

Chipmunk Prevention

There are several ways to prevent Fort Lauderdale Chipmunks from entering or at least staying on your property.

Exclusion: is just one of those ways. Exclusions entails a bit of work from you. As a burrowing Florida rodent, they will gladly go after the shelter and the food they are looking for. One of the first things you should do is to cover any possible entries into the home.

Removing debris from your yard this includes any foliage that is near or against your home and ground cover. If you keep your firewood outside it will have to also be removed. The elimination of food sources should be done daily. Fort Lauderdale chipmunks are not fond of a few different smells one of those smells are garlic and hot peppers. Planting garlic along side of your vegetables is thought to be a powerful deterrent. Marigolds are said to be another form of deterrent. Mix crushed garlic and marigolds together. Add one cup of hot soapy water and a few hot peppers. Add 1 teaspoon of oil and let cool. Shake the mixture forcefully and drain. Spray where the chipmunks appear to be a problem. This process will have to be repeated every 1-2 weeks in order to repel. The one drawback is this is a temporary solution, after some time the Florida chipmunks will become immune.

Mothballs are another said solution. This is provided that you haven’t had a chipmunk invasion yet. Should the chipmunks be on your property already this solution will keep them in. Placing the mothballs around the perimeter of you house, garden and borders of your Florida property will deter the chipmunk. This deterrence works because chipmunks hate the smell of mothballs. There is also a drawback to this method as well; this method is not safe for children and pets.

Ultrasound devices have also been used in the repelling of Fort Lauderdale chipmunks as well as creatures. This device will emit sound waves. Using batteries or ac the device should be placed in anopen area, as the sound will not travel through barriers. The sound will carry as far as 4000 sq. ft. While the will affect the chipmunk it cannot be heard by anyone else. This device is motioned activated. So again it must be situated at a height that it will be able to detect their motions. Yes, there is said to be a drawback. This is that the Florida chipmunk may at some point be able to ignore the sound and continue on.

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