Getting Opossums from Under the Porch or Shed

Most Fort Lauderdale backyards have got all sorts of insects and pests and they can be eliminated easily. In many cases, they are not dangerous or too hard to kill. There are how ever the ones that come by and they pose a danger to the pets and family as well as different diseases. Florida opossums are in this category and that is why eliminating them is a serious issue that has to be done as soon as possible.

When you notice that there are Fort Lauderdale opossums living under your shed or porch, it is important that you take action immediately before the situation gets out of hand. If you don’t already have a problem within your property, it is always b great idea to prevent them in the best way possible. These animals are scavengers in their nature and this means that if you leave pet food or garbage carelessly in the night, they may actually be tempted to come into your home and find the food. Also, of your porch or shed is easily accessible, they will definitely make a home for themselves in there. Male sure that garbage is well covered and collected regularly. Also, take the pet food inside especially at night since the Florida animals arenocturnal in nature. Keep your territory clean at all times.

However, even the best measures can fail at times and the Fort Lauderdale opossums can still find their way into your home. In such a case, it is a great idea to remove them in the safest possible way. You should first clear youryard and remove any debris that is unnecessary from the home. Litter, fallen trees, unused cars and equipment should be eliminated to reduce the hiding placesof the Florida opossum. Keep the bushes trim and the grass short. Cover the accessible areas beneath the sheds and the porches. You can even fill them with rocks even though this has to be done when the opossum isn’t inside.

Trapping the Fort Lauderdale opossum is the best way in which you can get them out of the porch or shed. Live trapping is the most humane way in which you can go about the whole thing. After trapping, the animals are easily relocated to areas where they will have higher chances of survival and with minimum interference to the humans. Snare poles can also be used so as to remove the animals from your porch. After snaring, the Florida opossums can be put into a cage and relocated.

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