Are Snakes Dangerous to Pets?

Pets have natural hunting instincts and a lot of curiosity. It is not an uncommon thing for these four legged creatures to find themselves face to face with a Fort Lauderdale snake. There are times of the year where pets in the city can also encounter snakes in oars especially those that are close proximity with the beaches and lakes. When the weather is cold, the snakes are usually inactive or in hibernation. Therefore, the most snake bites will probably take place in summer. There are Florida areas that have a lot of snakes and they can be a real danger to pets.

What To Do
As we have established above, Fort Lauderdale snakes are dangerous to pets and therefore one has to be very cautious around them. Your pet can be bitten by a snake very easily. The best thing to do is to act fast if you are to save your pet. There are snakes that are highly venomous and the bites can actually be fatal. If you find a wild animal in your home, what you will do? It is not as simple question as it sounds like. We all feel uncomfortable if we hear such news about the living place. The first step after having this intimation will be finding out the ways to get rid of these Florida animals.

If you think that your pet has had an encounter with a Fort Lauderdale snake and that it has been bitten, you need to immobilize the pet and try to calm it down. You should then take the pet to the closest veterinarian. If your pet gets treated sooner, it has a better chance of survival. It is never advisable to try identifying the snake at hand. This is because sake species can have different patterns and colors to a considerable level but identifying then can be very hard and should be left to experienced snake handlers. Pets will most often be bitten on the limbs or head areas. When the bite is very close to the heart, it means that the venom will get into the best system even faster and then distributed to the entire body. When the Florida snakes are coming from hibernation, the venom glands are a bit fuller and this means that the bites tend to be more severe. The other contributing factor on how severe a bite will be is how long the snake has taken before making a bite.

There are some signs that can tell you that your pet has been bitten and they include a sudden weakness that is followed by the animals collapse, muscles twitching, dilated pupils, vomiting, urine in blood and paralysis.

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